05 April 2009

{The House-Itch: Too Late}

Everyone who knows us, knows how much Matt and I are dying to move. We have the HOUSE-ITCH! Well, this one popped up before we were serious, of course we looked at it. Of course, we fell in love. Of course, we missed the boat on this one-and now it's all we can think about.
It had everything we've been looking for: Nice sized living room and Kitchen, An amazing backyard (big with a pool), and even a cute little sun room in the back...
Of course, we've dreamed of a million uses for that little sun room...
Our king bed would fit in this bedroom and the lot is .5 arcre, so we could always add-on in the future. Oh, and did I mention this little nursery?So, this cute little house has had us kicking ourselves. So much we pictured doing to it, the baby we would have for that little nursery. But, now we know...we won't be waiting so long next time!

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