18 May 2009

{Before Pics}

Here's a few pics of the "soon to be ours" house. There's a lot we plan to do when it's ours. No. 1 is to scrape the popcorn ceilings.

I really have no clue how to arrange the furniture in here, other than the way the seller currently has it, any ideas are much appreciated...

Here's the Master Bedroom, it is actually bigger than this picture makes it out to be.

The Master bath, however, is not. This may be the tiniest master bath I've seen. There is a shower in the corner, but it's nearly impossible to get a pic including it.

Another bedroom...

The main bathroom...

And finally, the kitchen. That dropped lighting thing in there, will be one of the 2nd things to go.

That's about all there is to see. I hope you stay around to see the afters. It will be a slow process, but we're excited to make it our own. Stay tuned!


  1. Yay Jen!!!! I am so excited for your new home! It is so fun to change things up and have constant project making things all your own! I PROMISE to post pics of our home soon!! Can't wait to see all that you plan to do with your new space!

  2. A new home is so exciting! Congratulations!!!